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We continuously and consistently take a step towards our grand goals by carefully examining the needs

and expectations of our customers and continuous improvement in quality, productivity

and providing the best services and products to customers.

Efficient role in the value chain of the oil and gas and petrochemical products

with a commitment to sustainable development and participation in international interactions is one of our main missions.

Relying on a capable force and experts and specialists and using up-to-date technology with the production, supply and trade of various products


  • Plastic & polymers
  • Petroleum and Gas Products
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals and raw materials for industries
  • Mineral Products
  • Iron, Steel, Copper, Cast Iron, Aluminum
  • Sugar,Corn,Soybeans

order to achieve effective action Let’s take action.

Relying on core competencies and utilizing the mechanisms of an open innovation system, we accomplish our mission.

Our intellectual capital is the greatest asset in the movement towards excellence.

We are committed to professional ethics and sustainable development.

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  • Premium services and beyond your expectation
  • Get the best support among all venders
  • Great Price Competitive